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posted by admin
June 13, 2012 @ 12:46 pm


I wanted to send a quick update to let you know of some exciting things that we are doing in the marketing department.  The many new faces in the department have been working hard to better position Hostway for immediate and long term growth. 

In any week, the team works on 20+ projects, but there are three major updates that we want to share and also one pretty large (but easy) request.  

1.  Tonight, Hostway will further launch into the Cloud Marketplace at the Cloud Expo in NYC.  Over 10,000 people are expected at the world’s largest cloud computing tradeshow and Hostway will have a very large presence there.  We are a Silver Sponsor and will have a large booth presence and a theme that is sure to stick out at the event.  The theme – Get F.IT.  Flexible Infrastructure.  We also have several speaking opportunities at the event (links below) and will be meeting with several key meidia and analyst contacts while at the event.  We will also be conducting the FlexText Challenge within Social Media again.

This is our first major tradeshow in several years and the team has worked hard to make sure this event is a success and that we build upon our experience here for future events.  We will also have 2-3 press releases go out while at the show.  Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook to get streaming updates from us and attendees at the event!

Speaking Sessions




2.  We are launching a video with Gartner and Microsoft on the growing trend to utilize cloud infrastructures for mission-critical and database intensive applications.  The video was shot a few months ago and you can view it here.  Warning, it is a long video but this video will help associate Hostway’s cloud solutions to technology’s leading analyst firm – Gartner. Lydia Leong, in the video, was Gartner’s Analyst of the Year last year and is widely regarded as the leading analyst for cloud technologies.  The video also has several key statements from Microsoft that position Hostway as a leading cloud provider.  This video will be used in various campaigns, placed on our homepage, and within different areas of the site.  This is a big step towards better branding and strategic, analyst validation of our cloud products and solution set.  

3.  Marketing is working very closely with our Product Management, Sales and Development teams to complete a massive overhaul of our Retail Services sections on the site.  Like most changes to the site, these will be continual and iterative.  However, the combined work of the parties involved should result in a better user experience for visitors to the site.  Major enhancements include: an improved (not perfect) order form based on user data collected, better path for users to determine which products they need, simplification of the packages available, etc.  Todd B will send out more info on this project when complete, but it is a major step in the right direction that we wanted to share in this update as well.  Changes are expected to be live by the first week of July.  


Please follow, link to, like and comment on posts, pictures, threads etc that Hostway has on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.  Social Media plays a large role in creating the perception of a brand and employee engagement and feedback is critical to our success.  We thank you in advance for taking the time to do so!  

As always, please feel free to send any feedback, ideas, concerns etc directly to me or the entire marketing team at internalmarketing@hostway.com


Aaron Hollobaugh

posted by admin
@ 12:39 pm

If you find yourselves with nothing to do, you can read the following thoughts and suggestions about VZ calls and one of the standard scenarios. (Some of you probably already know all of this and much more, which is why I`m sorry for bothering you).

One of the most common call scenarios with VZ is a customer who was just transferred to us by a representative who scheduled his account for cancellation. We immediately explain in one way or another that the previous representative did not know what he/she was saying or doing (due to poor training perhaps) and that the customer must go back, revoke the cancellation order, call us back etc.

The ‘scheduled cancellation’ is actually called a cancellation order by Verizon. It exists in the customer`s account as an upcoming event item that carries within it the exact details of the scheduled cancellation.

The reason we transfer customers back to revoke the cancellation is not really because the order for the domain name will not go through. 

Actually, it most cases it will go through perfectly, BUT this “Cancellation order” carries in it the scheduled cancellation of the *BEE as well, by default*. Unfortunately the settings of the cancellation order cannot be manipulated by VZ agents. Once it is put in place it can either take effect or be revoked (canceled). In theory we can get a call from a customer who did already request his his BEE to remain active after the cancellation – in this theoretical case we can go ahead and order the domain name and let the cancellation order take its course. It will work just fine, regardless of the fact that there is a cancellation order in the system while the domain name was purchased.

Also in theory, and actually in practice(I`ve done this several times with customers who seemed very computer-savy), we can still go through the order form with people who have a cancellation order and then transfer them to revoke the cancellation order and put it into the system again, but this time by keeping the BEE. The reason we do not do this, is because it carries too much risks for something to go wrong and the chance the customer will call us back requesting a refund because nothing worked is much greater.

The explanation for the reason why the customer needs to go back and undo what he just did (revoke the cancellation)  is the most common reason for customer`s frustration and quite frankly – anger. It is also one of the most difficult arguments to articulate in a way that makes sense.

Explaining that by scheduling the DSL/FIOS for cancellation the customer has also scheduled the email(s) for cancellation will produce better results and ameliorate customer`s frustration because it makes somewhat more sense. The customer must understand the existence of the cancellation order and that it carries in it, by default, the cancellation of his email (cancellation of the BEE), and that no matter what we do it will have no effect as long as the cancellation order remains in his account the way it was initially put in. We otherwise find ourselves explaining the same thing over and over, while the customer keeps repeating that his/her account is actually still active and working, so everything  is ok.

My point is that this explanation is closer to the truth and at the same time it will work much better than simply explaining that the order will not go through while there is a cancellation order. Customers will still be very angry because no one told them this, but they`ll have an easier time understanding why they need to do what we are asking them to do.

I apologize to those who took the time to read this and already knew all of it.

Best regards,

Valentin Jordanov

Customer Service Representative

posted by admin
June 11, 2012 @ 1:37 pm

Hi Everyone,

This is an announcement for the launch of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate (RC), the next release of Windows Server. Windows Server 2012 RC delivers a highly dynamic, available, and cost-effective server platform for private clouds. It offers businesses a scalable, dynamic, and multitenant-aware cloud infrastructure that securely connects across premises and allows IT to respond to business needs faster and more efficiently.

The new operating system is available today to our FlexCloud Server and TFS/TF/NN managed hosting customers in our Austin, Tampa, Vancouver DCs. Our press release is scheduled to go live June 12, during the CloudExpo event in New York City and the Microsoft TechEd event in Orlando. Our cloud offering is highlighted on the Microsoft site (http://www.microsoft.com/hosting/en/us/windowsserver/windowsserver.aspx) and starting June 13, Microsoft will be promoting our offering via blogs (http://blogs.technet.com/b/server-cloud/) and tweets.

Please review the Windows Server 2012 RC PAL for details and let me know if you have any questions.  


Preeti Nirwal

posted by admin
June 4, 2012 @ 12:42 pm

Hi all,

This email is send out to you as result of the change of the CRT procedure twice over the past month. Please follow the exact procedures for cancellation of services as listed below:

  1. In order to transfer a call to CRT, you need to verify the customer first; you can NOT transfer the call if the customer is NOT verified; only WARM calls are transferred to CRT, you can not blind transfer a call
  2. Only Hostway, Gate and Costco cancellations of hosting plans, domain names, VPS and billable Exchange services are handled by CRT; Essentially, CRT take calls to retain potential customers ONLY in Bizcon
  3. Open the ticket for the call in the Customer Retention Default Queue and leave it OPEN, provide the ticket number via jabber to the CRT agent who has taken the call
  4. Cancellations of all types of features and Cancellations in Begis are handled by Billing, not CRT
  5. Cancellations of fraudulent accounts are handled by Billing, not CRT
  6. Channel partner cancellations are handled by Billing – Verizon, CableOne, CableVision, CenturyLink, BrightHouse, Comcast, DomainPeople…

HOSTWAY CRT calls >> transfer to 00*10621

GATE CRT calls >> transfer to 00*18665


If you have any questions, please refer to your leads.


Kind regards,

Madlen Filipova

posted by admin
@ 12:37 pm

posted by admin
@ 11:48 am

FYI, team,


The DP newsletter promoting the .ASIA giveaway was sent on Friday. When you get calls on .asia registrations remember to promote the 10yr cycle and provide info on the prizes. Also this is a giveaway not a contest, so everyone will win something based on the registration term.




Tsvetomira Georgieva




It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not – when you register a .ASIA domain for 10 years, you’ll get a 7” Android Tablet!

Everyone who participates in DomainPeople’s .ASIA FreeB promo is an automatic winner:

  • 10-year registration earns you a 20% registration discount + a free 7″ Android Tablet with a camera!
  • 5-year registration snags you a Bluetooth keyboard
  • 2-year registration gets you a stylus pen
  • 1-year registration wins you a pair of headphones

Benefits of the .ASIA Top-Level Domain
Registering a .ASIA domain name enables you to enter into the fast-growing Asian economy and reach a new, highly engaged target audience. Approximately 60% of the world’s population and hundreds of millions of Internet users reside in the Asia/Pacific region, creating enormous potential for business growth.

Grow and expand your business and reach – and go mobile with your new Android Tablet – for just $195. Search for your domain and register now!

Learn more and get started

7″ Android Tablet Specifications:

  • CPU: Allwinner A10 1.2Ghz
  • Display: 7” 800×480
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion 2800MAH
  • Network: Wifi (802.11B/G/N)
  • Jack/Connector: TF CARD (1G-32G)
  • Touch Panel: Capacitive Screen, Quin-points TOUCH PANEL
  • OS: Google Android 4.0
  • Audio Player: MP2/MP3/WAV/AAC/WM
  • Video Player: 2160, JPEG, MPEG4, H.263, H.264, VC1, RV8/9/10, DIVX4/5/6, XVID, ON2 VP6
  • Accessories: Power adapter
  • I/O Ports: 1xDC-in jack, 1xHDMI port, 1xEarphone port, 1xMini USB port, 1xTF-card port

Special Feature: Gravity Sensor



By Philip Rittscher, Research & Development Manager

A company called “Domain Registry of Canada” sends mass volumes of postal mail directly to domain owners. The letters are designed to appear as though the Domain Registry of Canada is some sort of official government organization or is somehow related to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). Beware! The letter from Domain Registry of Canada is nothing more than a scam.

Read the Entire Blog Post



5 Quick Tips for Optimizing Your Content for Search Engines

In the realm of online marketing, most business owners believe various types of advertising are the only ways to attract prospects. While advertising can work, it can also be expensive. That’s why savvy business owners apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to increase website traffic while keeping costs down.

The following five tips will give you the tools you need to maximize your SEO efforts:

1 Tip #1:
Research and Identify Your Keywords

People are searching for your site with terms you may know, as well as some you may not. Make sure your website is optimized for exactly what people are using to find your website.

  • Discover how your prospects are searching for you – use Google’s free keyword tool (adwords.google.com) to find out what terms people use to find sites like yours.
  • Narrow down the list – take all the keyword terms you found in your research and make a list of the most searched terms. These are your main keywords to use throughout your website.
2 Tip #2:
Work Your Keywords into Your Content

To get your website (and pages) ranking high in search engine results, you must create content that is easy to read, informative and includes key words and phrases.

  • Say it simply – you don’t need to have every keyword written into every sentence. Write your content as if you were talking to a prospective customer.
3 Tip #3:
Add Keywords to Your Tags Too

While the value of meta tags has decreased over the years due to abuse and the evolution of search engine algorithms, it is still recommended to integrate keywords into your meta tags.

  • Meta keywords tag – this tag tells the search engine what your website is about based on your keywords.
  • Meta description tag – the short description you see in search results (also indexed by spiders) should include a short description of your website that includes your keywords.
4 Tip #4:
Simplify Your Website Layout

Help the search engines help you by creating a website that is easy to crawl and navigate for both the search engine’s bots and your prospects.

  • Keep your website easy to explore – use simple navigation that doesn’t require more than 3 clicks to a call to an action (such as clicking a ‘buy’ button or filling out a ‘contact us’ form).
  • Cross promote your other pages – include links to your other service and product pages within your content.
5 Tip #5:
Know What Not to Do

It may be tempting to try to pull one over on the search engines to influence the results, but these methods do not work and will only reduce your ranking, or worse, have your website banned from the results altogether.

  • Never buy bulk inbound links – there are seedy services out there that purchase links for you that link from other websites (from the hundreds to the thousands) to your website, which will reduce your rank quickly.
  • Don’t repeat keywords incessantly – using the same keywords over and over again in a single tag or sentence is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and will not only confuse your prospects, it will signal to search engines that you have nothing relevant to say.
  • Never hide keywords – the search engines are now smart enough to recognize hidden keywords on your pages and will ban your website for such a practice (such as adding paragraphs of white text on a white background to your pages).
  • Refrain from excessive linking – while it’s good to link to other pages and websites, don’t over link (think more than 100 links on a single page). Search engines see that as spam and will penalize you for it.

Ready to drive more revenue with a new website?

Get started here

posted by admin
@ 11:20 am



I want to make a few very important clarifications about issues with SMTP blacklists in general and how to handle such customer calls/emails/chats best. Please read this VERY carefully and if you have ANY questions/concerns, consult with a TL/supervisor.


Workarounds/solutions that can be given to customers

  1. SiteMail – as you already know, SiteMail uses different servers to send e-mails out, so it never gets affected by such blacklists. Since a lot of customers never really used it and are not willing to try and learn how to use it now, you can also advise them to:
  2. Change their outgoing server with a different one – most Internet Service Providers offer SMTP services for free to all of their customers, which means that the customers simply have to call their internet provider and obtain their SMTP server settings. Since this change requires small changes to the customers’ e-mail client settings, we should be assisting customers with changing their SMTP server temporarily to another one, IF they have the correct settings – essentially, it should be as simple as guiding them to the proper SMTP server settings page in their email client. ALWAYS advise customers in such cases that we will gladly assist with the e-mail client configuration BUT, if the third party settings do not work, they need to call their ISP and troubleshoot them further with them


QwestOffice customers – IMPORTANT

We use a different sending server for our Qwest customers, so it is highly unlikely that their @qwestoffice.net email addresses are affected by the blacklist. Please note a lot of Qwest customers use e-mail through their Vanity domains, and since Vanity domains use a different sending server they CAN be affected. In such cases, simply have the customers use smtp.qwestoffice.net with their Vanity domain name and they should be able to send e-mail without issues. This will only work for Qwest customers, so please PAY ATTENTION not to provide this server to a customer from another franchise. Please do NOT forget that smtp.qwestoffice.net works with both 465 and 587 BUT if the customer switches back to smtp.vanitydomain, it will only work with 587.


On the blacklist issue itself

You can reassure customers that we are taking all necessary measures to immediately suspend spamming accounts and submit the necessary requests for delisting with the third party providers. Unfortunately, the delisting process can take up to 24/48 hours and is highly dependent on when the third party provider will actually remove our servers from the blacklist.


I have already sent a lot of feedback to the appropriate departments and you can rest assured that our administrators are trying to develop more secure and advanced methods to prevent such issues from happening.




Martin Anastasov

Manager | Technical Support

posted by admin
@ 10:44 am

Great Job Everyone! Keep up the great work.


Ticket# 15420916

Agent:Valentina Georgieva


Over the years, I’ve received nothing but the best service from Gate.com.

Thanks Again

Harry ‘Buzz’ Lerch



Ticket # 15431850

Agent: Luka Zyapkov


I think I pushed “8″ instead of “5″ for the survey. Thanks again for

your rapid response in renewing our web domain! Your representative was

very helpful.

Martha Shugart




Ticket# 15428892

Agent: Luka Zyapkov


Dear Hostway co.

Thank you and I appreciate your letter. It was very nice


Sincerely yours

Ms. Roemer



Ticket# 15432413

Agent: Valentina Georgieva


Hi there

Amazing! Thanks so much for your help and understanding.

Have a good day





chat session on 5/10/12

Agent: Emiliya Stoeva


oh! then let me say that “Emily has provided me with excellent customer service. i was pretty sure i was going to cancel my account but because of her willingness to help i am going to reconsider. she provided me with all the info i needed. Great job emily – you too carlos!”

9:51 AM

julia serrago



EMT  ticket#  15440314

Agent wants to commend agent Damien N. who helped him ordered YDS for his customer. He mentioned of trying to order YDS for a customer who is over 80 yrs and spent almost 10 hrs from other agents who cannot assist for not knowing what to do. But with agent Damien, who made an exemptional job, and was very pleased that he only spent 10 mins to complete the order.


Ticket#  15427045

Agent: Valentina Georgieva


Thank you Val. Service like this is how you set yourself apart from the

GoDaddies of the world. I am once again a happy Hostway customer.

Kind Regards,

Matthew Graves


EMT ticket# 15446071

Spoke to Cecilia who was very happy that George was able to fix her problem. She mentioned of been dealing with this for 4 days and long hours on the phone. She stated that aside from George, she also would like to commend other agent from VZ John T. Littlon who was extending help to resolve her issue about keeping her email but she can no longer contact this agent. She was thankful that she spoke to George and in few minutes, her issue was fixed for she was able to sign up for VYD. She wants these agents be recognized and make sure her compliment will be added to their file for a job well done. Thanked and appreciated her commendation. Adv this will truly inspire others for setting a good example presented by these agents.



EMT ticket# 15451816


Marvin was very impressed by the knowledge of the agent and was very glad that he received the exact support he was looking for. He needed the services up and Todor managed to reactivate the account. He wanted to compliment the agent on his assistance and to express his gratitude for the well done job.


Ticket# 15452255

Agent: Plame Mitov

Dear Mr. Paul


Thank you very much for your assistance. I managed to log in and change password.


Thank you in advance for helping me to solve this problem.


posted by admin
June 1, 2012 @ 3:26 pm


On behalf of Hostway. We would like wish the following agents Happy Birthday.

Sofia Office:

Vladimir Topuzov – June 7th

Valentin Yordanov – June 7th

Dinh Anh – June 8th

Ivan Ivanov- June 12th

Vladimir Taulov – June 12th

Stoyan Paraskov – June 13th

Monika Chotova – June 17th

Martin Metodiev- June 18th

Zlatin Popov- June 19th

Ognyan Kostadinov – June 22nd

Orlin Ivanov- June 28th





Fort Lauderdale:

Fernando Panoj June 10th



posted by admin
@ 2:48 pm


I am very happy to announce that the internal application process for the Customer Service Supervisor position is now over.

Please join me in congratulating Zvezdelina Stoeva in her new role as Customer Service Supervisor! Zvezdelina has been a part of the Customer Service since the very beginning. Over the course of the past 2+ years she has been part of the CS E-mail/Chat team where she has done an outstanding job both in terms of quality and results. During this course of time she gained invaluable experience and knowledge, and has managed to really grow professionally. Her overall performance throughout her tenure at Hostway has been nothing but exemplary.

I’m sure that she will bring the same drive and determination in her new role as Supervisor of the CS E-mail/Chat team.

I would also like to use the occasion and thank all of you for your hard work and devotion.

Zvezdelina will be officially be stepping in her new role as Supervisor effective July 1st.

Thank you all and congratulations Zvezdelina!









Nikolay Bojkov

Manager, Customer Service and Billing Department