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Archive for the ‘Agent Kudos’ Category

Great Job Everyone! Keep up the great work.


Ticket# 15420916

Agent:Valentina Georgieva


Over the years, I’ve received nothing but the best service from Gate.com.

Thanks Again

Harry ‘Buzz’ Lerch



Ticket # 15431850

Agent: Luka Zyapkov


I think I pushed “8″ instead of “5″ for the survey. Thanks again for

your rapid response in renewing our web domain! Your representative was

very helpful.

Martha Shugart




Ticket# 15428892

Agent: Luka Zyapkov


Dear Hostway co.

Thank you and I appreciate your letter. It was very nice


Sincerely yours

Ms. Roemer



Ticket# 15432413

Agent: Valentina Georgieva


Hi there

Amazing! Thanks so much for your help and understanding.

Have a good day





chat session on 5/10/12

Agent: Emiliya Stoeva


oh! then let me say that “Emily has provided me with excellent customer service. i was pretty sure i was going to cancel my account but because of her willingness to help i am going to reconsider. she provided me with all the info i needed. Great job emily – you too carlos!”

9:51 AM

julia serrago



EMT  ticket#  15440314

Agent wants to commend agent Damien N. who helped him ordered YDS for his customer. He mentioned of trying to order YDS for a customer who is over 80 yrs and spent almost 10 hrs from other agents who cannot assist for not knowing what to do. But with agent Damien, who made an exemptional job, and was very pleased that he only spent 10 mins to complete the order.


Ticket#  15427045

Agent: Valentina Georgieva


Thank you Val. Service like this is how you set yourself apart from the

GoDaddies of the world. I am once again a happy Hostway customer.

Kind Regards,

Matthew Graves


EMT ticket# 15446071

Spoke to Cecilia who was very happy that George was able to fix her problem. She mentioned of been dealing with this for 4 days and long hours on the phone. She stated that aside from George, she also would like to commend other agent from VZ John T. Littlon who was extending help to resolve her issue about keeping her email but she can no longer contact this agent. She was thankful that she spoke to George and in few minutes, her issue was fixed for she was able to sign up for VYD. She wants these agents be recognized and make sure her compliment will be added to their file for a job well done. Thanked and appreciated her commendation. Adv this will truly inspire others for setting a good example presented by these agents.



EMT ticket# 15451816


Marvin was very impressed by the knowledge of the agent and was very glad that he received the exact support he was looking for. He needed the services up and Todor managed to reactivate the account. He wanted to compliment the agent on his assistance and to express his gratitude for the well done job.


Ticket# 15452255

Agent: Plame Mitov

Dear Mr. Paul


Thank you very much for your assistance. I managed to log in and change password.


Thank you in advance for helping me to solve this problem.


June 4, 2012 10:44 am


I am very happy to announce that the internal application process for the Customer Service Supervisor position is now over.

Please join me in congratulating Zvezdelina Stoeva in her new role as Customer Service Supervisor! Zvezdelina has been a part of the Customer Service since the very beginning. Over the course of the past 2+ years she has been part of the CS E-mail/Chat team where she has done an outstanding job both in terms of quality and results. During this course of time she gained invaluable experience and knowledge, and has managed to really grow professionally. Her overall performance throughout her tenure at Hostway has been nothing but exemplary.

I’m sure that she will bring the same drive and determination in her new role as Supervisor of the CS E-mail/Chat team.

I would also like to use the occasion and thank all of you for your hard work and devotion.

Zvezdelina will be officially be stepping in her new role as Supervisor effective July 1st.

Thank you all and congratulations Zvezdelina!









Nikolay Bojkov

Manager, Customer Service and Billing Department


June 1, 2012 2:48 pm

Congrats to TodorVahadhadui, for being the Sales Agent of the month.




May 31, 2012 4:25 pm

As always, our customers are raving about the awesome support they are receiving from our contact centers! Here are just a few of the praises your management team has recently received…


Nadya Vyteva – “Thank you for your timely assistance in this matter. I have been working with Gate.com on our club website for years and have always enjoyed how you work with your customers.”


Tsvetelina Drandarska – “…As it always was and still is, Hostway’s service is still top # 1 !
Wish you and your colleagues the very best for 2012!”


Valentina Georgieva – “Your customer service is the best I’ve experienced in a long time in any industry… ! Thank you so much for getting back to me and explaining how the billing is working now… I have always been satisfied with Hostway as a provider. I’ve never had any problems with my site going down or emails not working like some of my friends and colleagues have had over the years with their providers. And now with this most recent correspondence, I have to say your company is definitely at the top of their game.
All the very best to you in 2012.”


Alex Tavano – From Spencer, “Pam told me that Alex answered all her questions about WordPress and search engine optimization within 4 minutes and left her ‘completely satisfied’. She thanked me for employing such a knowledgeable and helpful tech.”


Stephen Spanner - “Thank you so much for your help, you were awesome through all of this, tell them to give you a raise for your good work!”


Rory Newitt – “I contacted Hostway support and spoke with two support agents, Kevin and Rory. Though there were some Hostway specific hurdles both agents were extremely polite, patient, professional, and helpful. Their conduct went a long way toward soothing potential frustrations.”


Max Tennant – “Max was rigorous in his desire to fix the issue with this 500 server error. He is both knowledgeable and professional and followed up until the issue was resolved…”


Martin Metodiev - “Excellent technical support for the set up and configuration process. I have already told several colleagues about Hostway.”


Dedicated Support Team – “I have 6 dedicated servers with Hostway and I feel your dedicated support team is the best there is! They have always been so responsive and thorough.”


As we move into the second month of the year, it already feels like we will have another exceptional year at Hostway and that our contact centers will continue to grow and succeed!


Thank you!

Todd Benjamin



3:49 pm