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Blacklisting issues – VERY IMPORTANT ALL READ



I want to make a few very important clarifications about issues with SMTP blacklists in general and how to handle such customer calls/emails/chats best. Please read this VERY carefully and if you have ANY questions/concerns, consult with a TL/supervisor.


Workarounds/solutions that can be given to customers

  1. SiteMail – as you already know, SiteMail uses different servers to send e-mails out, so it never gets affected by such blacklists. Since a lot of customers never really used it and are not willing to try and learn how to use it now, you can also advise them to:
  2. Change their outgoing server with a different one – most Internet Service Providers offer SMTP services for free to all of their customers, which means that the customers simply have to call their internet provider and obtain their SMTP server settings. Since this change requires small changes to the customers’ e-mail client settings, we should be assisting customers with changing their SMTP server temporarily to another one, IF they have the correct settings – essentially, it should be as simple as guiding them to the proper SMTP server settings page in their email client. ALWAYS advise customers in such cases that we will gladly assist with the e-mail client configuration BUT, if the third party settings do not work, they need to call their ISP and troubleshoot them further with them


QwestOffice customers – IMPORTANT

We use a different sending server for our Qwest customers, so it is highly unlikely that their @qwestoffice.net email addresses are affected by the blacklist. Please note a lot of Qwest customers use e-mail through their Vanity domains, and since Vanity domains use a different sending server they CAN be affected. In such cases, simply have the customers use smtp.qwestoffice.net with their Vanity domain name and they should be able to send e-mail without issues. This will only work for Qwest customers, so please PAY ATTENTION not to provide this server to a customer from another franchise. Please do NOT forget that smtp.qwestoffice.net works with both 465 and 587 BUT if the customer switches back to smtp.vanitydomain, it will only work with 587.


On the blacklist issue itself

You can reassure customers that we are taking all necessary measures to immediately suspend spamming accounts and submit the necessary requests for delisting with the third party providers. Unfortunately, the delisting process can take up to 24/48 hours and is highly dependent on when the third party provider will actually remove our servers from the blacklist.


I have already sent a lot of feedback to the appropriate departments and you can rest assured that our administrators are trying to develop more secure and advanced methods to prevent such issues from happening.




Martin Anastasov

Manager | Technical Support

11:20 am | by admin

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