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Cancellation procedures for CRT and Billing

Hi all,

This email is send out to you as result of the change of the CRT procedure twice over the past month. Please follow the exact procedures for cancellation of services as listed below:

  1. In order to transfer a call to CRT, you need to verify the customer first; you can NOT transfer the call if the customer is NOT verified; only WARM calls are transferred to CRT, you can not blind transfer a call
  2. Only Hostway, Gate and Costco cancellations of hosting plans, domain names, VPS and billable Exchange services are handled by CRT; Essentially, CRT take calls to retain potential customers ONLY in Bizcon
  3. Open the ticket for the call in the Customer Retention Default Queue and leave it OPEN, provide the ticket number via jabber to the CRT agent who has taken the call
  4. Cancellations of all types of features and Cancellations in Begis are handled by Billing, not CRT
  5. Cancellations of fraudulent accounts are handled by Billing, not CRT
  6. Channel partner cancellations are handled by Billing – Verizon, CableOne, CableVision, CenturyLink, BrightHouse, Comcast, DomainPeople…

HOSTWAY CRT calls >> transfer to 00*10621

GATE CRT calls >> transfer to 00*18665


If you have any questions, please refer to your leads.


Kind regards,

Madlen Filipova

12:42 pm | by admin

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