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Some things worth mentioning about Verizon calls

If you find yourselves with nothing to do, you can read the following thoughts and suggestions about VZ calls and one of the standard scenarios. (Some of you probably already know all of this and much more, which is why I`m sorry for bothering you).

One of the most common call scenarios with VZ is a customer who was just transferred to us by a representative who scheduled his account for cancellation. We immediately explain in one way or another that the previous representative did not know what he/she was saying or doing (due to poor training perhaps) and that the customer must go back, revoke the cancellation order, call us back etc.

The ‘scheduled cancellation’ is actually called a cancellation order by Verizon. It exists in the customer`s account as an upcoming event item that carries within it the exact details of the scheduled cancellation.

The reason we transfer customers back to revoke the cancellation is not really because the order for the domain name will not go through. 

Actually, it most cases it will go through perfectly, BUT this “Cancellation order” carries in it the scheduled cancellation of the *BEE as well, by default*. Unfortunately the settings of the cancellation order cannot be manipulated by VZ agents. Once it is put in place it can either take effect or be revoked (canceled). In theory we can get a call from a customer who did already request his his BEE to remain active after the cancellation – in this theoretical case we can go ahead and order the domain name and let the cancellation order take its course. It will work just fine, regardless of the fact that there is a cancellation order in the system while the domain name was purchased.

Also in theory, and actually in practice(I`ve done this several times with customers who seemed very computer-savy), we can still go through the order form with people who have a cancellation order and then transfer them to revoke the cancellation order and put it into the system again, but this time by keeping the BEE. The reason we do not do this, is because it carries too much risks for something to go wrong and the chance the customer will call us back requesting a refund because nothing worked is much greater.

The explanation for the reason why the customer needs to go back and undo what he just did (revoke the cancellation)  is the most common reason for customer`s frustration and quite frankly Рanger. It is also one of the most difficult arguments to articulate in a way that makes sense.

Explaining that by scheduling the DSL/FIOS for cancellation the customer has also scheduled the email(s) for cancellation will produce better results and ameliorate customer`s frustration because it makes somewhat more sense. The customer must understand the existence of the cancellation order and that it carries in it, by default, the cancellation of his email (cancellation of the BEE), and that no matter what we do it will have no effect as long as the cancellation order remains in his account the way it was initially put in. We otherwise find ourselves explaining the same thing over and over, while the customer keeps repeating that his/her account is actually still active and working, so everything  is ok.

My point is that this explanation is closer to the truth and at the same time it will work much better than simply explaining that the order will not go through while there is a cancellation order. Customers will still be very angry because no one told them this, but they`ll have an easier time understanding why they need to do what we are asking them to do.

I apologize to those who took the time to read this and already knew all of it.

Best regards,

Valentin Jordanov

Customer Service Representative

12:39 pm | by admin

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