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mE: You forgot Erin's bio

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Fernando: Test :)

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posted by admin
May 31, 2012 @ 4:25 pm

Congrats to TodorVahadhadui, for being the Sales Agent of the month.




posted by admin
@ 3:49 pm

As always, our customers are raving about the awesome support they are receiving from our contact centers! Here are just a few of the praises your management team has recently received…


Nadya Vyteva – “Thank you for your timely assistance in this matter. I have been working with Gate.com on our club website for years and have always enjoyed how you work with your customers.”


Tsvetelina Drandarska – “…As it always was and still is, Hostway’s service is still top # 1 !
Wish you and your colleagues the very best for 2012!”


Valentina Georgieva – “Your customer service is the best I’ve experienced in a long time in any industry… ! Thank you so much for getting back to me and explaining how the billing is working now… I have always been satisfied with Hostway as a provider. I’ve never had any problems with my site going down or emails not working like some of my friends and colleagues have had over the years with their providers. And now with this most recent correspondence, I have to say your company is definitely at the top of their game.
All the very best to you in 2012.”


Alex Tavano – From Spencer, “Pam told me that Alex answered all her questions about WordPress and search engine optimization within 4 minutes and left her ‘completely satisfied’. She thanked me for employing such a knowledgeable and helpful tech.”


Stephen Spanner - “Thank you so much for your help, you were awesome through all of this, tell them to give you a raise for your good work!”


Rory Newitt – “I contacted Hostway support and spoke with two support agents, Kevin and Rory. Though there were some Hostway specific hurdles both agents were extremely polite, patient, professional, and helpful. Their conduct went a long way toward soothing potential frustrations.”


Max Tennant – “Max was rigorous in his desire to fix the issue with this 500 server error. He is both knowledgeable and professional and followed up until the issue was resolved…”


Martin Metodiev - “Excellent technical support for the set up and configuration process. I have already told several colleagues about Hostway.”


Dedicated Support Team – “I have 6 dedicated servers with Hostway and I feel your dedicated support team is the best there is! They have always been so responsive and thorough.”


As we move into the second month of the year, it already feels like we will have another exceptional year at Hostway and that our contact centers will continue to grow and succeed!


Thank you!

Todd Benjamin



posted by admin
@ 2:19 pm

Title: Test
Location: Las Olas
Description: The Fort Lauderdale office will be throwing an 80′s theme party.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2012-06-01

posted by admin
@ 12:04 pm

(Technical Support-Hostway): 1-800-346-1543 option 4

(Billing-Hostway): 1-800-346-1543 option 5

(Cancellation-Hostway): 1-800-346-1543 option 5

(Sales – Hostway)

(Support-Costco): 1-800-774-2678

(Billing-Costco): 1-800-774-2678 (option 6)

(Cancellation-Costco): 00*10621 (this is the Retention team in Vancouver)

Design Services : 1-866-233-2397 (00*18581) Option 1

posted by admin
@ 12:03 pm

Hostway (Support): 1-866-856-7150

Comcast (Tier 1 Support): 1 800 391 3000

Comcast (Tier 2 Support): 1-866-587-0725 – New – Do not give this number to customers

posted by admin
@ 12:02 pm

Hostway (Support): 1-866-881-3689

Hostway (Billing): 1-866-881-3690

Century Link (Support): 1-888-777-9569

Century Link (Support) – Priority line (Internal only – Warm transfer only): 877-671-1057

Century Link (Billing/Sales): 1-800-603-6000

Century Link account activation line (appointments)  1-888-844-8460

Mural: 1-866-994-7668

posted by admin
@ 12:01 pm

Hostway (Support): 1-877-211-5980

Hostway (Billing): 1-877-211-5980

Century Link Business(Sales/Support): 1-800-860-1020

posted by admin
@ 11:59 am

CenturyLink Tier 1 Technical Support: 1-855-296-8710

Hostway (Tier 1 Technical Support): 1-888-281-0051

Local number for Hostway: 312-453-0867

posted by admin
@ 11:21 am

Hostway (Support): 1-877-246-9774

Hostway (Billing): 1-877-246-9805

Check the Meta Data Info section of the account’s Account Summary page in Bizcon to find out which Brighthouse office handles the customer’s account.

BHN Central Florida (Support/Sales): 1-877-632-2337

BHN Central Florida (Billing): 1-877-632-2337

BHN Tampa (Support/Sales): 1-877-897-7333

BHN Tampa (Billing): 1-727-324-2077

BHN Birmingham (Support/Sales): 1-866-662-8039

BHN Birmingham (Billing): 1-866-662-8039

BHN Bakersfield (Support/Sales): 661-395-3350

BHN Bakersfield (Billing): 661-634-2243

BHN Detroit (Support/Sales):

BHN Detroit (Billing):

Paul Delice (our contact at Brighthouse) 407-215-8083

posted by admin
@ 11:19 am

Hostway (Support): 1-866-463-2506

Hostway Cancellation: 1-866-463-2505

Hostway (Billing): 10*1-866-463-2507

CableOne (Support): 10*1-877-692-2253

CableOne (Billing): 10*1-877-600-6099